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2020 - Present

BEI is proud to have been the principal designer of the first
Great Lakes Self-Propelled Ship in nearly 4 decades.

Self-Unloading Bulk Carrier for Great Lakes & St. Lawrence River Service

M/V Mark W. Barker

Delivered 2022


Concept, Detail Design & Contract Plans

  • M/V Mark W. Barker / FBS Hull #788 - Self-Unloading Bulk Carrier for Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Service


Functional Design

-Detail & Regulatory

  • Hulls  G.L. 67-G.L. 68-G.L. 69

    • 7100 Cu Yd Split Hull Dump Scow

7100 Cubic Yard Split Hull Dump Scow


Ballast Water Treatment Feasibility & Detail Design

Full feasibility study, regulatory & detail design for the installation of a Ballast Water Treatment & Auxiliary Systems.


Shipyard, ABS & Owner Liaison for Installation.

  • Corn Island Hull 317

  • Bollinger Gretna Hull 246

  • Gunderson Marine Hull 82

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