2020 - Present


Detail Design


Contract Plans & Specifications, Regulatory & Detail Design

  • "Cleveland Rocks" Conversion to Self-Unloading Cement Carrier "Commander"


Detail Design

  • Keel Cooler Installation for Tug "Bradshaw McKee"

  • Reduction Gear Installation for Tug "G.L. Ostrander"


  • FEA Analysis for Pin Connector on Tug "Victory"


Condition Analysis

  • Analyze Machinery Operating Conditions for 46 CFR Section 58.01-40 Compliance-Interlake Steamship Fleet

Detail Design

  • Revised Raised Pilothouse for Tug "Invincible"

  • Accommodation Modification for Barge "Menominee"

FEA Analysis

  • Hopper Barge FEA


Concept, Detail Design & Contract Plans

  • Mark W. Barker / FBS Hull #3788 - Self-Unloading Bulk Carrier for Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Service

Ballast Water Treatment Feasibility & Detail Design

•  480' Bulk Cargo Barge -

   "EMI  2400"

Reduction Gear Installation, Towing Winch Removal & Stability Test for Tug

"G.L. Ostrander"

Tug "Victory" Connector FEA

Self-Unloading Bulk Carrier for Great Lakes & St. Lawrence River Service

Mark W. Barker

480' Bulk Cargo Barge

"EMI 2400"