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2006 - 2010


Concept Design

  • Self-Unloading Seaway Size Ship

Regulatory Design

  • 37.2 m Tug "Victorius"


Contract Plans & Specifications

  • ATB Self-Unloading Barge

Detail Design

  • Raise Deck for Hopper Dredge "Terrapin Island"

  • Dredge Pipe Submerged Mooring Station

  • Conversion of Tank Barge ATB to Grain Barge

Continued Modifications

  • R.A. Stearn designed Riverboat Casino "Tropicana"

Regulatory Design of 37.2m AT/B Tug "Victorious"

Riverboat Casino



Design modifications since its original design by R.A.Stearn in the mid 90's

Contract Plans & Specifications for

480' Bulk Cargo Barge - EMI 2400


Contract Plans & Specifications

  • 131' ATB 10,800 HP Tug

  • 480' Bulk Cargo Barge


  • Ballast Water Transfer Study, Wisconsin DNR

Detail Design

  • Re-Powering of GL Self-Unloading Bulk Carrier "Hon. James L. Oberstar"

  • Re-Powering of GL Self-Unloading Bulk Carrier "Paul R. Tregurtha"

  • Conversion of Single Tank Barge to Deck Barge for Siemens "Exiderdome" Traveling Exhibition

  • Dragline Dredge Barge

  • Clam Shell Dredge Barge

Stability Test

  • ATB Tug Inclining Experiment

Detail Design of Re-Powering GL Self-Unloading Bulk Carrier "Hon. James L. Oberstar" (Formerly "Charles M. Beeghly")

3926-00 DSC01980.jpg

This re-power included adding two new 4,079 b.h.p. Rolls-Royce Marine Bergen      6-cylinder diesel engines & all associated machinery, piping, electrical & structural foundations.


In 2008, Bay Engineering Inc., provided teh detail design for the "Charles M. Beeghly" to be re-powered from a 8,500 s.h.p Steam Power Plant to a 8,158 b.h.p Diesel Powered Ship.

Shortly after, the vessel was re-named "Hon. James L. Oberstar".

In 2015, BEI provided the design detail for its Diesel Engine Exhaust w/Scrubber System to meet EPA regulations.

Detail Design of Re-Powering GL Self-Unloading Bulk Carrier "Paul R. Tregurtha"


In 2008, Bay Engineering, Inc., provided the detail design for the "Paul R. Tregurtha" to be re-powered.  Her twin 16 cylinder 8,560 b.h.p diesel engines were replaced by twin MaKM43C 6-cylinder 8,040 diesel engines.  All associated machinery, piping, electrical and structural foundation designs were also provided.

An interesting note:  the "Paul R. Tregurtha" is the Largest/Longest vessel on the Great Lakes.

Detail Design of Conversion of single tank barge to deck barge for

3824-00 DVD 32 DSCN0378.JPG
3824-00 DVD 32 DSCN0525.JPG
3824-00 DVD 32 DSCN0375.JPG
Exider 7 (2).jpg
3824-00 DVD 32 DSCN0382.JPG

Siemens "Exiderdome" traveling exhibition.


Detail Design

  • Harbor Trash Skimmer

Concept Design

  • Conversion of Bulk Carrier "Ojibway" to Self-Unloading Ocean "Collier" ATB

Regulatory Design

  • Hovercraft

Vapor Control System

  • Independent Tank River Barge

aquarius systems.png
aquarius systems.png
Titan TH 3.jpg
Titan TH 4.jpg

Detail Design

for Harbor Trash Skimmer

stbd bow conn.jpg

Concept Design for Self-Unloading

Ocean "Collier" ATB

Regulatory Design





Detail Design

  • Hopper Dredge Single Point Mooring

  • 10K Ton Deck Barge


  • Travelift Docking

Contract Design

  • Conversion of Tank Ship to ATB Tank Barge

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